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Charles Dana

Charles Dana

He is a middle aged (70+) photographer who retains the vision of youth but now has been tempered by time. He lives in an urban area (Saint Louis, Missouri) and photographs the elements of nature (plants, flowers, insects, spiders, etc.) that abound in the city parks, vacant lots and gardens near his home.

He has been involved in photography for over 40 years and made the traumatic change from film to digital photography about four years ago. He misses the magic of the wet darkroom but finds processing images on the computer to be liberating, substantially less time consuming and allows for additional time to be devoted to exploring and recording the nuances of nature.

His camera equipment consists of a Canon full format DSLR with lenses from fisheye to macro and telephotos. Although he has found the equipment to have evolved, the techniques of capturing his types of images remains essentially unchanged and still require getting down in the dirt, mud, thorns, etc. Some things just do not change.

He has an unique style, capturing subjects with a focused clarity of vision while striving to follow the path of using light, color and form as pioneered by the French Impressionist painters of the late 19th century. Dependent upon the subject, his images may exhibit sharpness or a touch of softness, be dark and somber with mood or be singing with washes of color and light. His goal is to find and capture those elusive sparks of life called soul and display them boldly.

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