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Glenda Hares

Glenda Hares works in an impressionistic style that is instantly likable – not too realistic, not too abstract. There is just enough definition here without confining the viewers’ imagination and sensual experience of the work. The most outstanding element here is Hares’ splendid use of color. This is vibrant, yet softly saturated color. Pastels predominate, but they are never sugary, retaining a vivid richness that is actually quite masterful. Acrylic paint often shows as artificial and synthetic. The acrylic paintings in this exhibit, however, resound with a naturalness that is pleasing and surprising.

Glenda is an advanced colorist, adept in the use of highly intricate passages of color. Her compositions lure the eye to interesting arrays of shapes with a rare ability and forceful use of colored line for emphasis. Her negative space commands attention equal to the positive space, enhancing the focal point of each painting. One can almost smell the essence of these simple pleasures as they tantalize the senses, enchant the mind, and mesmerize the memory.

“Art is just something that’s a part of your life and you do it on a regular basis like brushing your teeth. Whether you feel like it or not, whether you’re inspired or not, you just go do it and eventually good things happen,” she said. “Or, you hope good things happen, they don’t always.”

She is a regionally recognized artist who has won numerous awards. Her watercolor and acrylic works are included in many private and corporate collections.



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