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Sip & Shop Jewelry Trunk Show

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Creative and Unique Jewelry, designed and made by gifted St. Louis Artisan, Abby Keough.  Come in and meet Abby.  Have a glass of wine and see her favorite Collections.

Abby Keough is a St. Louis based jewelry artist. She has been creating unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for over ten years and continues to be aware of the constant changes in fashion trends. 

Using a variety of materials including pearls, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, glass, and numerous metals, she seeks to design jewelry that will enhance any outfit.


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Glenda Hares: “Color Play
New, Original, Paintings & Collages

Painting is a journey without a map.  The longer I paint the more eager I am to explore the side roads and wandering paths, following wherever color leads me.  It’s become truly about the process – endlessly intriguing and full of surprises.  I have reached a point in my life where I can fearlessly destroy what I have done and do it all over and then over again.  What ever the destination, it is all about color. Painting for me starts and ends with the exploration of color.  ~Glenda Hares

Show Review by Stephen Warneck-

St. Louis artist Glenda Hares has a solo show, “Color Play,” until June 30 at Norton’s Fine Art and Framing. This art show will appeal to casual and serious art enthusiasts as well as new artists or people who are shopping for art to decorate home or office. Hares offers a variety of types and styles of fine art that are approachable and delightful to view. People who appreciate beauty for its own sake will enjoy the “Color Play” exhibit most. Viewers who aren’t familiar with her work will be impressed with this show that is free and open to the public.

People who are planning to decorate should consider this exhibit a happy opportunity to shop for fine paintings and collages from an accomplished artist at affordable prices– many pieces are available for $300 to $600. Hares has a nice eye for color and this show offers pieces in cooler colors such as the pale blues and greens in her landscapes and seascapes. A person who would prefer warmer colors will gravitate to her floral and still life paintings. Hares has a lot of soft lines in her paintings, but she is capable of a sharper focus with cleaner lines and examples of both are included in “Color Play.”

Glenda Hares - Nestled

Glenda Hares – Nestled

Hares has earned respect from patrons and peers. While she is a recognized artist in this community, Hares is also being taken seriously outside St. Louis. She has received attention for her collage work from International Bakers Dozen Collage Exchange in New Plymouth, New Zealand and the International Museum of Collage, Assemblage and Construction in Santa Fe, NM. Glenda Hares shines as a collage artist. It may be argued with conviction that the collage pieces displayed in “Color Play” are finer examples from Hares than her work that is circulating abroad. “It Takes a Village” is a collage that typifies the artist’s ability to use solid material to create texture that appears at first glance to be paint from the artist’s brush. The collage titled “Nestled” is a landscape that is impressive for its composition and use of color. With its earthy colors, “November” is a collage that leaps out from the rest of the show and confirms that beauty may exist without pretense and that any color can amaze the eye.

Glenda Hares is a celebrated painter who prefers to use acrylics for her landscapes, seascapes and still life paintings. Hares is versatile in style and subject as a painter and she has demonstrated that versatility in her landscapes on

Glenda Hares - October acrylic seascape

Glenda Hares – October

display at Norton’s. Many viewers will consider “October” to be the finest painting in the show as the artist’s soft vision of the village in the painting can inspire the imagination. People who like an abstract and densely complex landscape will enjoy “Forest For The Trees” with colors that compel the viewer to gaze at the woods in this painting from several angles. “Forest Park Golfers” is a nice departure from the rest of the show and it will appeal to people who prefer a painting with more tightly defined lines and human figures at play.

In her seascape paintings, Hares demonstrates her style of softened lines where the horizon becomes a blend of water and sky in nearly the same color and the viewer may appreciate the use of light in her seascape paintings by observing them from different angles. “Heading Out,” a painting of barrier rocks opening out to an ocean, exemplifies this technique.  The calming beauty of “Eastern Shore” also shows the way Hares can bend color, making this painting one of the finest in the show.

Glenda Hares - Still Life with Oranges

Glenda Hares – Still Life with Oranges

Still life and floral paintings are popular in this market and Glenda Hares obliges with several pieces. Two noteworthy still life paintings in the show are “Still Life with Oranges” and “Quartet Plus One.” Hares used a gentle touch to create “Still Life with Oranges” showing soft edges and intense color of the fruit that mandates more than a glance– it’s worth a long look. The classic rendering of the gold pears in “Quartet Plus One” is an example of Hares providing simple and tasteful elegance with rich color.

Glenda Hares and Norton’s Fine Art and Framing fit well together, offering a pleasant experience in a comfortable setting. Hares is multifaceted and her paintings and collages may be enjoyed for a lifetime. “Color Play” is a substantial show and there are many other pieces that will please a person who visits Norton’s. For some, a second visit may be necessary to fully take in this show.

 Sip & Shop @ Norton'sSaturday, May 6th: 12 – 4

Sip & Shop: Jewelry Trunk Show – One Day Only

Creative & Unique Jewelry, Hand Made By St. Louis Artisans.

Have a glass of wine with your favorite local jewelry designer!

Abby Keough – is a St. Louis based jewelry artist, She has been creating unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for over ten years and continues to be aware of the constant changes in fashion trends. Using a variety of materials including pearls, semi-precious gemstones, crystals, glass, and numerous metals, she seeks to design jewelry that will enhance any outfit.

Forai Jewelry & Accessories – a nonprofit, fashioning a better life for refugees and immigrants in St Louis by teaching them to produce high quality jewelry and accessories.

Mary Kay Cosmetics – Sparkling New Looks for the Summer! 

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Sandy Haynes: St. Louis And Beyond”

Sandy Haynes artistMy mission is to present my personal vision of the world around me with paint and canvas. I attempt to find beauty in the commonplace by demonstrating the power of light on a subject.

I strive to give a fresh looseness to my paintings by using an economy of brushstrokes to have my image read as 3-dimensional.  I find light and shadow to be exciting and constantly changing and worthy of translating to artistic form.  I love using unexpected color and experimenting with different color combinations on the painting.   I really love putting my work into the world for others to see.  My mission is to let my passion come through in the finished painting.

Classic Cars & Fabulous Flowers Photography Show
Show Runs Through March 31

Two local St. Louis artists, Michael Rubin and Charles Dana, share the gallery with their respective photographic specialty just in time for Valentine’s Day.

 Michael Rubin & Charles Dana

Photographs are available in a wide range of sizes and prices.

Charles Dana has an amazing photographic collection of flowers and plants with incredibly detailed close-ups and radiant colors. Dependent upon the subject, his images may exhibit sharpness or a touch of softness, be dark and somber with mood or be singing with washes of color and light.

Michael Rubin has been photographing the finer points of automobiles for more than thirty years. Rubin is a lifelong admirer of the artistic aspects of automobiles many of which are found outside, where dust is part of life. Rubin takes the viewer to very specific details, at times disguising the fact that what one is looking at is part of an automobile.

Norton's Fine Art - 2015 Holiday Art Showsmall art for tight spaces & holiday budgets

People’s Choice Award Winner:
Florence Prime
The Pup by Florence Prime“The Pup”


Meet over 20 Artists on Opening Night participating in this year’s show, bringing a fresh mix of unique styles and techniques. Artwork is restricted by size only, the subject does not need to be holiday themed. Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and wine while you meet and talk with the artists.

Most art is framed and ready to be hung on your wall. The gallery will offer 20% OFF framing any art from the show.

Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Still Lifes, Ceramics, Jewelry, Expressionist, Watercolors, Figurative, Photography, Spiritual, Landscapes, Pottery, Graphite, Abstracts and more.

The show runs through January 23.

Glenda Hares - Celebration

New Acrylic Paintings & Collages, Landscapes, Florals & Still Lifes

Opening Night Artist Reception

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